ctevt org np ctevt results latest CTEVT result

CTEVT has published CTEVT results (ctevt org np results). Check result online now with marks.


ctevt org np results 2074

CTEVT org np has published result for CTEVT for 2074. Students can check CTEVT result online with mark sheet. This step guides the student in detail way to check CTEVT results. CTEVT results can be found online. The official website for ctevt is www ctevt org np.

Steps to check ctevt org np results

The first step to check result is to log on to the official website of ctevt org np.

See the results section on the mid side of the page. You can just scroll your first window to see the Results section. This section covers up all the results for CTEVT. CTEVT runs numerous programs each year for students. Students can easily check result online with this simple technique. Ctevt official website publishes result in pdf format where student can download the pdf file of result and check their ctevt result with mark sheet.

ctevt org np results

Many students search for ctevt result on ctevt org np. Many students search for ctevt result writing www ctevt result. Students must know that the official CTEVT website is www ctevt org np and it publishes official CTEVT result. There is no website like ctevt org com , www ctevt org com np, www ctevt com np, www ctevt np.

If you found any difficulty on result check, please use the comment section below. If you found any problem on result check, do mention on the comment section, one of our staffs will try out to provide a good solution for your problem.


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  • CTEVT Examination – Pharmacy and Ag, Engineering
  • CTEVT TSLC result (ANM and Agriculture result)
  • CTEVT Result of ANM (Mid Region) (KTI/LPA)
  • CTEVT Lab Technology and nursing (withheld)(Reg+Back)
  • 2074 – Examination – ANM chance exam (Bharatpur)
  • 2074 – Nursing and Radiography 3rd year
  • 2074 – Result of Third year Regular and Back (Engineering only)
  • CTEVT Engineering result (Regular Back)
  • CTEVT Nursing, HA Special Scholarship result
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  • CTEVT Retotaling Result of PCL nursing and Lab
  • CTEVT Staff Nurse, Ophthalmic Sc. and Forestry entrance result
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  • CTEVT Result of Entrance Examination
  • CTEVT Retotaling result of Dph, Lab, HA,Dag of result


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    1. Jitendra saud

      How can I get my result of diploma civil Engineering?
      Can you see n say my result?
      My symbol no.is 0201551

  1. Anand chaudhary

    How can i see our result that’s no saw please help me

  2. Aarus adhikari

    How can i see percentage with marks of ha 2nd year 2073?

  3. anuska gurung

    how can i see the entrance result 2073 of civil engineer it becomes too dificult for me so plz help

  4. Bijay

    I can’t reach to my result of diploma in civil engineer in ctevt is there any one to help me plz

      1. Nepal Result Online Post author

        You can check your Civil Engineering diploma result online as mentioned above.

  5. Bigyan thapa

    How to see marksheet of diploma in pharmacy 3rd year …plz provide info

  6. sita bhandari

    How to see plc nursing 2nd year result of 2073 with percentage

    1. Nepal Result Online Post author

      You can check your PCL result online as mentioned above.

  7. Ramesh vishwakarma

    My name is Ramesh vishwakarma, symbol no 004847 it’s copy recheck please.

  8. Zal

    How do we get the result of PCL 1st year’s result with marksheet?. It’s not available!


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